The art of Rhum since 1765

Saint James-Rhum is an icon on Martinique, a small French island in the eastern Caribbean, with a history of over 250 years and was awarded “Best Distillery” at the International Rum Conference in 2015. The sugar cane plantations are located in the east on the mountainside, a particularly humid area where the sugar cane is “fresh”, which means that the juice tastes like fresh sugar cane juice.

The cultivation methods comply with strict specifications while maintaining ecological balance and respecting the AOC guidelines. Every stage of Saint James rum production at the distillery is designed to minimize the impact on the environment.

Saint James ‘Rhum Agricole’ is made from pure cane juice distilled on creole columns. No sugar or flavorings are added. This qualitative process gives Saint James its distinctive “vegetal” flavor and aromatic power.

ArtikelBezeichnungVol. %Inhalt VE
162.473Saint James Imperial Blanc40%0,7 LT
162.474Saint James Royal Ambre40%0,7 LT
162.475Saint James VSOP43%0,7 LT
162.476Saint James XO GB43%0,7 LT
162.477Saint James Sugar Canne - Alkoholfrei0%0,7 LT

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