Wines with character and personality, made in a modern style: powerful, rich and elegant.

Bodegas Portia owns 160 hectares in the area of Roa, Gumiel de Izán, Villanueva and Gumiel del Mercado. In the heart of Ribera del Duero. From there they produce wines with temperament and personality. They have an intense flavor profile and purple hues. In the mouth they are supple and soft, the result of extreme weather conditions with autumn and even spring frosts and harsh, long winters.

Among its terroirs is the exceptional vineyard, Finca La Encina, in Gumiel del Mercado, in the “Golden Triangle” of the Ribera del Duero. It is located on a slope with a perfect north-south orientation, at an altitude of over 850 meters, and is dedicated exclusively to the Tempranillo grape variety. Sustainable cultivation practices in this vineyard allow the soil itself to nourish the vine.

ArtikelBezeichnungVol. %Inhalt VE
180.049Portia Crianza 2017 - Ribera del Duero14,5%0,75 LT
180.050Portia Prima La Encina 2018 - Ribera del Duero14%0,75 LT
180.051Portia Roble 2019 - Ribera del Duero14,5%0,75 LT
180.052Portia Verdejo 2020 - Rueda13,5%0,75 LT

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