handmade limoncello - traditional italian family recipe

Fiorito Limoncello’s roots lie in Sicily. Whilst on a family holiday, the Fiorito brothers were served an original Italian limoncello that was handmade according to the traditional Fiorito family recipe. They fell in love with it instantly. This limoncello had been produced with the hand-peeled zest of Sicilian organic lemons, giving it its mild soft taste.  Today Fiorito Limoncello is still made using this same family recipe and every single organic lemon is  hand-peeled.

Fiorito is a Limoncello Superiore, meaning this is a premium limoncello that meets the highest international quality standards for limoncello. Limoncello Superiore is a hallmark that was developed by producers of limoncello to distinguish themselves from other limoncello’s with varying qualities. In its sophisticated swing-top bottle Fiorito never fails to make a striking appearance. Fiorito has been placed on the menus of numerous high-end restaurants and bars over the past few years which has set a true limoncello trend throughout its home-market in The Netherlands.


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